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Creating Change

Brown girl surf works to shift surf & beach culture and dismantle barriers to coastal access that are rooted in systems of colonialism, racial discrimination, and injustice.

Our advocacy work is deepening & evolving – we will update this page with our latest efforts, campaigns, accomplishments, & more soon.

In our ongoing efforts towards decolonization, Brown Girl Surf acknowledges that we are occupying unceded and stolen Ohlone lands. These lands and waters we work and play in are and have always been, the land of Indigenous peoples. And so, we pay our respect to our Indigenous elders – past, present, and future – and hope to help heal colonial traumas and create a path for joy. 

As we continue to fight for equitable beach access, we recognize that we must be in conversation with and follow the guidance of the Indigenous communities who are the rightful stewards of these beaches. Brown Girl Surf is working to strengthen our relationships with these communities, deepen our knowledge, and follow the path of deep listening.

We welcome all feedback as we continue to learn and grow.