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Wisdom Weaver Workshops

Upcoming Workshop: The When and Where of Surfing

Workshop Synopsis:

In this hands-on workshop, we will be demystifying surf forecasts and practicing how to pick your surf spot and surf time window based on conditions and comfort level. For beginner-intermediates-lifelong learners!

Date: Thursday, December 14 5:30-7PM

Duration: 90 minutes
Materials/supplies: None

While these programs are free there will be capacity limits on each workshop – we ask folks to signup so that we can accurately account for participation, materials, space etc.

You will receive more details regarding the workshop including location, what to bring, information on the Wisdom Weaver facilitator, and more after you register.

Program Details

  • All programs will be free, with an option to donate to BGS

  • All ages welcome (we kindly ask that any youth under 13 years of age be accompanied by someone who is 18+) 

  • A reminder that this space is for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, girls, women, and gender-expansive folks of color. At this time we are not able to hold space for those whose lived identities lay outside of this community. 

  • All experiences welcome!


Workshop Lead Bio

Meghan Hanebutt McDaniel, M.Ed. (she/her), is a lifetime lover of the sea.

She is a neurodiverse, second-generation Filipino-American and Counseling Psychology graduate student with an interest, focus, and passion for Liberation Psychology. She is particularly interested in how environmental therapy, surf psychology, and liberation theory can intersect to create powerful healing spaces for individuals and communities. She is a photographer, enthusiastic ecstatic dancer, lifetime learner, activist, and dogmom to Wilson. She is primarily a kinesthetic learner, meaning that the greatest foundation she has for tracking and predicting ideal surf conditions comes from thousands of hours spent immersed in the sea, feeling into her intuition and connection with the environment around her. Surfline helps too. She is currently working toward her 10,000 hours spent surfing, as outlined by Malcolm Gladwell in the book, Outliers.
IG: @meg.mcdani


At Brown Girl Surf we work to support ocean connection and learning in a variety of forms. We believe it is equally important for our community to have access to the knowledge that supports wave-riding and ocean play as it is to be comfortable in those practices. 

Our Wisdom Weaver Workshops are offered to build upon our basis of ocean related knowledge so that we can feel self-empowered to connect in all the ways we wish to. We are here to create an entire wave-riding culture in our own images, with our own knowledge, and experiences! Workshops are led by our volunteers or staff as an opportunity for them to practice their leadership skills, share their wisdom and continue deepening relations in community.